The Next Step


Wherever you are, whatever you may be struggling with or uncertain about — just take the next step.

Take one baby step forward.

As your leg extends forward and your body follows you might notice something profound about the next step: that it’s actually a new birth.

You have left behind the “you” that was there and you have stepped into a new “you.”

As you take that step you might ask yourself: what do I want to leave behind? What do I want to bring with me?

What habits, beliefs, relationships do I want to carry forward? Which do I want to drop?

Every step is like a bus stop, and you get to choose who gets on and who gets off.

And if you find that you’re still unsure or uncertain or struggling — that’s ok. Just take one more step, and begin again.

Step. Breathe. Experience.

Step. Breathe. Experience.

Welcome to the dance.

By Ryan Paugh

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With decades spent exploring the outer world and the inner world, I share some of the insights I have learned along the way.

Topics include mindfulness, spirituality, growth, perspective, and career.

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