You Are Nature


In a recent conversation with a mentor I mentioned how important it is for me to live close to nature.

“You ARE nature,” he reminded me.


At some point, our society began to inadvertently nudge us toward the false belief that we are somehow separate from the nature we see when we look out our windows. It’s with this understanding that we can start to observe nature in order to understand ourselves.

One insight we can glean is that, in nature, everything sprouts and grows at a certain pace. We might say that everything sprouts and grows “organically.” But here’s the rub: you can’t “expedite” the process. Boy have we whiffed on this lesson!

It seems that people everywhere are in a panic rush to hurry up and “realize their potential.” Can you make a flower bloom faster? And if you could, should you? What is the value in blooming FASTER? What’s the hurry? What are we running toward? Or put more accurately, what are we running FROM?


Slow down.

Be who you are, where you are.

You are blooming a little bit every day.

By Ryan Paugh

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