We all crave it. We all need it.

COVID has been particularly challenging in the way it has left us feeling DISconnected.

But why has it left us feeling so disconnected?

That’s a question so obvious that we never thought to ask it.

Perhaps it’s because the only way we know how to connect in this modern age is externally — through other people and through the world OUT THERE.

Somewhere along the way we lost the capacity to connect INWARDLY with ourselves and with that which is beyond ourselves.

So if you tell us we have to stay inside by ourselves then we will undoubtedly feel completely disconnected because the outside world is the only source of connection we have.

But what if COVID has actually provided one of the greatest opportunities in known history FOR connection?

What if COVID has forced an entire species to stop looking outside for all of their connection and to instead turn inward, as many past civilizations have done, in such a way that we might rediscover a thread of unshakeable connection that’s been right here all along?

What if COVID provided this opportunity but we were so ignorant and externally-focused that we completely missed it?

Would that not be the true tragedy here?

By Ryan Paugh

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