The Philosophy of Photography


What’s the difference between philosophy and photography?

One uses a camera.

Aside from that, nothing. They’re both all about perspective.

Don’t like what you see through your lens or through your life? Change the composition. Pan slightly to the left or to the right. Crop out the people, places, and habits that no longer serve you.

Lacking direction, meaning, purpose? Zoom out. Keep zooming out and eventually, you will see exactly how it is that everything in the frame fits. It all belongs, just where it is.

Are things looking blurry? Turn the focus ring and they will sharpen.

Meditation is a focus ring. Sleep is a focus ring. Long walks are a focus ring. Journaling is a focus ring. Therapy is a focus ring.

Both philosophy and photography are wisdom practices. They’re wise because their efforts are not directed at rearranging the exterior world but rather at developing the way we see the world.

Whether you’re holding a camera or not you ARE a photographer.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not you are choosing the angle, composition, lighting, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, and filter of every moment of your life.

Do you like what you see?

If you don’t, you can’t blame the equipment. You can only work to become a better photographer.

By Ryan Paugh

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With decades spent exploring the outer world and the inner world, I share some of the insights I have learned along the way.

Topics include mindfulness, spirituality, growth, perspective, and career.

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