Has Our Civilization Advanced?


Has our civilization advanced?

We didn’t need gyms fifty thousand years ago because as hunters and gatherers we had a naturally active lifestyle. We didn’t need nutritionists fifty thousand years ago because everything we ate came from the earth. We didn’t need therapists fifty thousand years ago because we lived in nature, had ample free time, had few material possessions, and were always with our tribe. We didn’t need mindfulness practices fifty thousand years ago because there weren’t any distractions to pull us away from the present moment.

Now we’ve built entire industries in order to close these gaps that once, in our earliest and most primitive days, weren’t an issue. Now we spend billions of dollars and have billions of humans spending the majority of their lives working on products and services to serve what were once our most simplest and basic needs. Now depression, anxiety, and suicide are at an all-time high.

Have we advanced?

By Ryan Paugh

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