A reframe is a comment or a question that helps someone think differently about something. The picture hasn’t changed, but how you frame it has. And framing can make all the difference.

The ability to help someone reframe is one of those superpower skills to develop as a leader or a coach. Mark D was one such coach. I’ve written before about Mark D – the inspiring strength coach I had while playing soccer in college.

I recall one particular training where Mark D was, once again, running us into the ground – this time with a timed 3-mile run on the track. At the 2-mile mark I started talking to myself, “Come on man, just 4 more laps to go.” And again, “Just 3 more laps and you’re done.”

I was talking myself through it, just trying to get to the finish line, when Mark shouted what became a reframe I’ve never forgotten. “Let’s go boys! Only 3 more laps to get better!”

Only 3 more laps to get better.

I was framing this activity as a CHORE to complete. I was counting down the laps until the pain was over. Mark was framing this as an OPPORTUNITY to grow. An opportunity that would end as soon as the run was over. “Oh s&@$,” I remember thinking, as I began to sprint, “I’ve only got 3 laps left to get better!”

Change how you see and what you see will change

By Ryan Paugh

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