We Are All Creators


We are all creators.

I played soccer for 20 years and when I think back to what it was I loved so much about the game, it was the creativity. It was the ability to create. Every time I got the ball I had a chance to create something – a move, a pass, a shot, a goal. Sometimes it was beautiful, sometimes it wasn’t, but it was all art. It was all an expression of who I was in that moment.

In career conversations, it’s common to hear people talk about wanting to create something of their own, usually in the context of starting their own business or side hustle or project. They feel like they’re not creating and they want to be creating. They want to “leave their mark.” But really, they’re already creating.

Every conversation is a creation. Every email is a creation. Every meal you’ve cooked is a creation.

Everything you have ever said or done has been a creation – a unique expression of you that was stamped on the world. You want to be a Founder of a successful startup? Be the Founder of a conversation that inspires someone to chase their dream. Be the Founder of a hug for your partner when you finish work today. Be the Founder of an encouraging email to your team during this difficult time.

You are already a creator.

By Ryan Paugh

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