Life Expectations


What are your expectations of life?

I’d heard plenty about the infamous “Delhi Belly” before my first trip to India — the fact that many first-time visitors get sick from the food.

So I told myself ‘Hey look, you wanna go see the world, you’re gonna get sick. That’s the deal.’

I tried to accept the fact before it happened. When I DID get sick it was, in a way, okay. That’s what I was expecting.

When I decided to start riding motorcycles, I told myself, ‘You wanna ride motorcycles? At SOME point, you’re gonna crash. That’s the deal.’

When I crashed my motorcycle in Kathmandu, the locals commented on how “stoic” I was. Psychologically, I had already prepared for the crash.

What about life itself? What are the right expectations?

If your expectation is that life should be easy and void of problems, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. You will be at constant war with reality, waiting for some future state of problemlessness that will never come.

If, on the other hand, you come in with the expectation that life is SUPPOSED to be hard, and that the whole game is setup to help you grow and evolve through an endless series of problems and hardships, then you will be better positioned to carry a lightness through this life.

How you view the game changes how you feel in the game.

By Ryan Paugh

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