The “One Life” Myth


How many lives do you have?

We’re told that we only have one life, and that we’d better make the most of it. As the story goes, we’re born and then we die. The time in between is our one life. But look a little closer. Are you sure that you’re born just once? Are you sure that you die just once?

Put a photo of you at 5 years old next to a photo of you today. Are you that 5 year old? Do you still watch cartoons, jump up and down on your bed, and have trouble putting pasta directly in your mouth? If not, then where’d the 5 year old go?

Recall the you from university. What were your habits, your likes, your dislikes, your interests? How did you spend your days? Who were your friends? If your answers to those questions would be different today, then where’d that university you go?

Recall the you from last week. Are you the exact same person physically, mentally, and emotionally? Do you have the exact same knowledge and experience? How about the you from an hour ago? Will you not be reborn after reading this post? Will you not wake up tomorrow to the very first day of a brand new life?

How many lives do you really have?

How many lives does a river have?

By Ryan Paugh

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