Career Golf


You’re at a beautiful golf course.

You’re standing at the first tee (par 4) and you are profoundly anxious.

You’re anxious because you believe you only have one swing to get the ball in the hole.

This is how most new grads feel coming out of university. They’re under the pretense that they have to “decide want they want to do,” and that they only get one swing to do so.

I know this because I’ve spent a lot of time coaching and speaking to young professionals.

I try to help them see that their anxiety is largely tied up in the idea that they must DECIDE once and for all what they want to be when they grow up.

I liken this to trying to get the ball in the hole in one swing.

“Don’t worry about getting the ball in the cup. You just have to get off the tee,” I tell them.

“Grab a club (aka something you enjoy doing) and hit the ball. Regardless of where it goes, you’re gonna get a second shot.”

And a third shot.

And a fourth shot.

And as you play you will get more and more familiar with your self.

You’ll come to understand your strengths and your weakness. You’ll come to understand which clubs work well for you in which situations.

Over time, your double bogeys will become bogeys, your bogeys pars, and your pars birdies.

We call this game a “career.”

It’s supposed to be fun. Don’t forget that!

Oh, and find yourself a good caddie.

By Ryan Paugh

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