Let Yourself Arrive


Goals can be useful. They give you something to work toward.

Goals can also be dangerous. They make you believe that things will be better when you get “there.”

Where is “there?”

And how will you know when you’re there?

Becoming too goal-oriented is to become too future-oriented, and in doing so you put life in a place where it’s always just out of reach. The destination is always just over the horizon.

This is a good way to live a life of anxiety — always feeling like you’ve got somewhere to get to; always feeling that you have yet to arrive.

The problem is that the future is a myth. Tomorrow never comes.

All we have is a series of todays.

Which begs the question: when will you let yourself arrive?

What would it feel like to let yourself arrive?

Paradoxically, this doesn’t require you to give up your goals. You can let yourself arrive while still moving forward.

You can be there while getting there.

Be there WHILE getting there.

Let yourself arrive.

By Ryan Paugh

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