Settle Up


Settling down is in vogue.

“When are you going to settle down?” is a question often asked in modern day society. When I hear that question this is what I hear: “When are you going to stop moving, stop learning, stop growing, stop experiencing?”

So, I’m starting a new line of questioning: “When are you going to settle up?”

When are you going to settle up and go somewhere? Anywhere. Somewhere new, somewhere that excites you, somewhere that scares you, somewhere that inspires you.

When are you going to settle up and go learn something? Anything. Something new, something you know nothing about, something daunting, something that expands you.

When are you going to settle up and go meet someone? Anyone. Someone new, someone from a background or culture you know nothing about, someone with whom you might connect in deep and surprising ways.

When are you going to settle up and toss yourself haphazardly into the dynamic current of this playground called life and all that is has to offer?

When are you going to settle up, wake up, rise up and feel alive?

Isn’t life for living? For going, doing, trying, exploring? Isn’t the human capacity to learn and grow beyond one’s wildest imagination? I’ve been on a hunt for the limits of the human mind and soul but all I’ve found is a seemingly boundless capacity to grow and expand — the external physical terrain being surpassed only by the psychological terrain within.

All that is required is settling up, and walking out your front door.

Settle up.

By Ryan Paugh

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