The ROI of Meditation


What’s the ROI of meditation?

Think of a common annoyance that triggers you.

It could be that you’re triggered every time there’s traffic. Or every time someone is late to a meeting. Or every time your partner doesn’t do the dishes.

And let’s say that each time you’re triggered you’re in a bad mood of sorts for 5 minutes before you come out of it.

And you’re triggered 10 times a day.

That’s 50 minutes of being miserable each day, or 18,250 minutes each year.

Now let’s say you start training your mind every day through meditation.

You invest 10 mins per day or 3,650 mins per year.

Your mind becomes sharper. You become more aware of every thought, emotion, and sensation that arises from moment to moment.

You come to observe your reaction to these annoyances with such clarity that the reaction itself begins to soften.

Then you notice that it only takes 3 minutes to come out of being triggered.

Then 2 minutes.

Then just 1 minute to get yourself back to equilibrium.

Now, instead of 18250 mins of misery each year, you only have 3650. You’ve gained 14600 mins (243 hours!) of neutral or positive life time.

(return – investment) / (investment) = ROI

(14600-3650) / (3650) = 300% ROI

Who’s ready to open a meditation brokerage account and begin investing today?

By Ryan Paugh

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