We Should Study Great Mothers


If you want to become a great leader, study a great mother.

Yesterday I asked one such great mother (my own), “What’s the role of a mother?” Without hesitation, she provided an answer: “To love, nurture, and protect.”

Isn’t that the role of every leader?

The expression of love will look different in a professional setting compared to a family setting, but it is still love that your people are wanting from you. Do you listen to them? Are you someone they can depend on? Do you point out the strengths that they can’t see in themselves? Do you BELIEVE in them? A child always knows when a parent believes in them. And when they don’t. So do your direct reports.

And how are you nurturing your people?

Before your next 1:1 ask yourself, “What can I feed this person that will help them grow?” A new opportunity? A recognition of their hard work? A chance to lead the next team meeting?

And lastly, how do you think about protecting your people?

A child feels protected when they know they can go to their mother for support. They know their mother is IN THEIR CORNER on any given day, at any given hour. Does every member of your team know that you’re in their corner?

Mothers are more than just mothers. They’re leaders.

Let’s learn from them.

By Ryan Paugh

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