Rest, In Peace


Rest In Peace.


In peace.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be able to rest…in peace? It’s ironic that these are the words we put on the graves of the dead. It’s as if our collective belief is that we can only reach this state when life is over. Instead of writing “Rest In Peace” on the graves of the dead I’d like to start writing it on the t-shirts of the living. I want people to know that they can rest in peace NOW.

Maybe I’ll start signing my emails, “Rest in peace.”

Maybe when a friend says they’re heading in to work I’ll respond with, “Sounds good. Rest in peace.”

Everything we do in life is aimed at reaching a psychological state of mind where we can simply rest and be at peace with who we are and what we’ve done. We think that state will come in the future, after we’ve sung our swan song.  But the future never comes. Life is always now.

Now. Now. Now.

All we have is a series of Nows.

So there’s nothing to wait for.

Let’s bring “Rest In Peace” back to the living.


By Ryan Paugh

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