Wherever You Go, There You Are


Wherever you go, there you are.

If you’re thinking that changing a job or a house or a location will have a lasting impact on your happiness then you might hear someone utter this platitude. I’d like to make a minor alteration to the saying: “Wherever you go, there your brain is.”

The reason why changing your external circumstances rarely has the kind of impact you hope is because it’s still your brain that’s filtering the experience. The brain is the interface between you and the external world. You can change whatever external circumstances you’d like, but the world is still going to have to filter through that brain of yours. And that brain of yours has deeply formed patterns of thinking, patterns of feeling, patterns of projecting, patterns of acting.

If your brain has a pattern of extreme optimism, then I could put you in a war torn environment and you’d be pointing out the silver lining.

If your brain has a pattern of extreme pessimism, then I could put you in your dream job and you’d find something to complain about.

If your brain has a belief that you’re not good enough, then I could help you start a billion dollar business and you’d still be convinced of your inadequacy.

The ONLY way to truly improve the quality of your life is from the inside out.

By Ryan Paugh

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