Settle Up


Settling down is in vogue. “When are you going to settle down?” is a question often asked in modern day society. When I hear that question this is what I hear: “When are you going to stop moving, stop learning, stop growing, stop experiencing?” So, I’m starting a new line of questioning: “When are you going to settle up?” When are you going to settle up...

The Next Step


Wherever you are, whatever you may be struggling with or uncertain about — just take the next step. Take one baby step forward. As your leg extends forward and your body follows you might notice something profound about the next step: that it’s actually a new birth. You have left behind the “you” that was there and you have stepped into a new “you.” As you take that step you might ask yourself:...

You’re Great In The Water


I was telling my friend about my recent foray into scuba diving. “My first few times out have been a bit bumpy,” I told her. “I didn’t learn how to swim until later in life and, well, I’m just not very good in the water. Never have been.” She interrupted immediately. “Don’t say such a thing! Don’t program your mind like that. You’re great in the water!” And just like that she had pointed out a...



A reframe is a comment or a question that helps someone think differently about something. The picture hasn’t changed, but how you frame it has. And framing can make all the difference. The ability to help someone reframe is one of those superpower skills to develop as a leader or a coach. Mark D was one such coach. I’ve written before about Mark D – the inspiring strength coach I had while...

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