When I was kid I used to love playing on the seesaw.

It wasn’t until later in life that I came to see the wisdom of the seesaw.

Up and down, high and low, yin and yang. Does the seesaw not teach us everything we need to know about life?

It also serves as a perfect model of correlation: as one side goes up, the other goes down.

Like understanding and suffering.

Have you noticed the correlation between suffering and understanding?

Suffering is the first indicator that there’s something we’re not understanding. We only suffer when we think reality should be other than what it actually is.

If we could truly understand everything about whatever it is that’s bothering us then we would not be bothered because we would…understand.

A friend of mine was complaining, “I just don’t understand why he would say something like that. What was he thinking?”

He just doesn’t understand. THAT’S the real problem!

Another great seesaw example is judgment and experience.

The more we are in our heads judging an experience, the less we are actually able to experience that experience.

It is only when we drop all judgment and fall fully INTO an experience that we can truly experience all of that experience.

That’s a lot of experience in one sentence.

Time to hop back on the seesaw.

By Ryan Paugh

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