Seeking Shelter


The coronavirus has brought extraordinary devastation to our external lives, but even more chaos to our inner lives.

Anxiety, uncertainty, loss, fear. For you, the inner storm may just be heavy rain with some intermittent hail, maybe some thunder and lightning. But for many, the inner storm feels more like a tornado. So what should we do?

Well, what does one do during a storm? One seeks shelter. And good news! There is a FORTRESS of a shelter available to you – a place securely barricaded from the rain, the wind, the lightning. You actually may have been to this fortress before, but you never spent enough time there to fully appreciate its fortitude. The fortress is called, TPM. Also know as, The Present Moment.

You won’t find this place on Google Maps but I assure you – it’s real. And it can be a phenomenal refuge for you during this storm.

Best of all, you can hop in any one of these five cars and they will bring you directly to TPM:

(1) Honda Hearing – bring your attn to the sounds around you

(2) Saturn Smelling – tune in to any scents

(3) Toyota Tasting – notice flavors when you eat/drink

(4) Subaru Seeing – look around, notice what you see

(5) Tesla Touching – when you touch something, feel it

By Ryan Paugh

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With decades spent exploring the outer world and the inner world, I share some of the insights I have learned along the way.

Topics include mindfulness, spirituality, growth, perspective, and career.

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