The Ankle, The Hug, The Wrist


Wherever you are on your personal and professional journey, you are (hopefully) growing and you are (hopefully) evolving.

To evolve is to become something else; to become someone else. You are no longer the person you were before.

But what happens if the people around you are not growing and evolving in the same way, or at the same pace?

As a young boy playing soccer, my father moved me off of teams that I had outgrown and put me on better teams with better players. And then better leagues with better teams.

This is a great strategy for personal and professional growth as well.

As you grow and evolve, there may be people and habits that hold you back. They are like a hand holding your ankle while trying to climb a ladder. You have to let them go.

There will also be people and habits “above” you on the ladder who bend down to pull you up — grabbing hold of your wrist. These are your mentors, your teachers.

And finally, there will be people right next to you, walking the path alongside of you. They are there for hugs, companionship, and camaraderie.

The ankle-biters hold you down, the wrist-grabbers pull you up, the huggers energize and encourage.

The ankle, the hug, the wrist.

By Ryan Paugh

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